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Management Services

Property management services include

  • Finding qualified tenants and renting to them.
  • Collecting all rents and security deposits.
  • Initiating any necessary legal action to collect rents and protect property.
  • Taking care of all tenants’ complaints.
  • Preparing monthly reports, including recommendations.
  • Preparing annual reports, including a summation of years activities to simplify filing tax returns.
  • Periodic inspections of the property.
  • Contracting for all necessary maintenance work and remodeling as requested by the owner.
  • Disbursement of all necessary funds in maintaining a property.
  • An arrangement with Aspen Maintenance for low cost, quality maintenance work.

The advantages of professional property management

  • Takes the “worry” out of investment property ownership.
  • The professional has a wider view of the market since he deals full-time with a large number of units. Therefore, he is better able to determine what rents should be charged to generate maximum income.
  • The professional deals with large numbers of prospective tenants and, therefore, has the opportunity to match the tenant and the unit, better than one operating on a smaller scale.
  • The professional is in a better position to determine what changes can be made in the property to justify higher income from it.
  • Our bookkeeping service provides accurate records for tax time. We provide monthly statements with year to date monthly updates.
  • The property manager provides the very desirable separation between owner and tenant.
  • We are on the scene to handle problem situations and tenants properly, thus minimizing the risk of legal difficulties which can occur from such things as eviction, security deposits, etc.

Management Agreement